Tasha Dowbachuk

PROGRAM DIRECTOR: Hello! My name is Tasha Dowbachuk and I am a Communications in Journalism major with a minor in Sociology. With my skills in print journalism, broadcasting, and podcasting, I hope to lead the members of WKNJ into their unique journeys of success. Fun fact about me: The power of social media, music and people ignited my passion and fascination in the field of Communications. Email: dowbacht@kean.edu

Justin Kanski

ASSISTANT PROGRAM DIRECTOR Hey, I'm Justin and I am the Assiant Director at WKNJ Cougar Radio. I am a Communications in Media and Film major and host of"J Money Jams", where I host a wide variety of music ranging from hip-hop, R&B, Jersey Club and throwbacks. I also interview upcoming artists and entrepreneurs inside the shows special, "Get The Juice". Make sure to tune in and stay updated with new content. Email: kanskij@kean.edu