Zachery Halley

PROGRAM DIRECTOR: Hello! My name is Zachery Halley and I am the program director for WKNJ and I am very excited to work with everyone and create magical content. I love podcasting and I am also an actor. Additionally I have my own radio show here at WKNJ where we talk about black culture. If anyone has any questions you can contact me here at this email. Email:

Dimitri Gonzalez

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER Greetings everyone! My name is Dimitri I will be the social media manager for WKNJ and will be behind the scenes of everyone show. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at


Hi my name is Alexis and I am the assistant social media manager. Need any help promoting your show feel free to contact me.

Jayla Peterson

SCHEDULE MANGER: Hello everyone my name is Jayla I am the person you come to if you need any assistance with scheduling with your show.


SCHEDULE MANAGER: Hello Everyone I am the Schedule manager along with Jayla and I will also be helping people with their shows being scheduled.