My name is Dorian Alerte. I'm a senior studying Communications in Journalism. My segment, "Sports Alert", features mainly NFL and NBA coverage with a variety of interview's and guests discussing more sports content. Fun fact about me: I'm a Cowboys fan.


Hi, my name is Lex and I am currently a Junior majoring in Communications in Media/Film. I'm the host of "The Book Was Better", where we talk about book and their movie counterparts, and what was better and worse with each to compare and discuss. We talk about popular movies and series such as, Lord of The Rings, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Twilight, Narnia and so much more. Fun fact about me: I really like to cook and watch anime.


Hey! I'm Dimitri Gonzalez. I am a Junior with a Communications in Media/Film major. I'm the host of "AnimeFanatics", which features three friends who talk about current anime topics, news show coming out, debates, opinions, and predictions in the anime community. Fun fact: we are an actual group that go by the name, "The 3D's"


Hello everyone, my name is Sincere! I am a Junior as well as the assistant director for WKNJ and I am a co-host of a podcasting show called, "The Black Minds". Fun fact about me: I can spell the alphabet backwards. To contact me, use my Instagram which is linked below.


Hey!!!, I'm Zachery Halley and I am the program director for WKNJ and also the host and creator of "The Black Minds", which features content surrounding black culture, topics and commentary. I'm a Junior with a major in Theatre. Fun fact: I have traveled to Canada and Ireland


Hey guys! I'm Cindy. I am a Communications in Journalism major and my year is (as of now), junior-senior. My segment, "Rock With a Basketcase", is a mix between alt-punk/pop rock and classic rock. Fun facts about me: I'm a big bookworm, very politics and I consider myself to be an "old-soul". I am also a firm believer of pineapples on pizzas. Tap me to tune into my platofmr and more content.