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Hey!!!, I'm Zachery Halley and I am the program director for WKNJ and also the host and creator of "The Black Minds", which features content surrounding black culture, topics and commentary. I'm a Junior with a major in Theatre. Fun fact: I have traveled to Canada and Ireland

Dimitri Gonzalez

Hey! I'm Dimitri Gonzalez. I am a Junior with a Communications in Media/Film major. I'm the host of "Basketball Talks". Fun fact about me is I am also a huge anime fan and I love having dialogue about it.


Hey! My names Cindy and I'm a Journalism major senior. I host "Rock With A Basketcase" a segment showcasing all things rock. A fun fact about myself is a recently started collecting vinyl records and believe in pineapple supremacy.


Hi everybody my name is Jayla I am from Newark, New Jersey and I am 20 years old and will be turning 21 in November. I study communications media and film because I want to become active within things such as radio and television. I want to be hands on Behind and in front of the camera and have a career I enjoy. Fun fact about me is I was born a twin.


Hi, I'm Alexis I am the host of "Worlds Of Worlds Of House" and I am currently a junior majoring in Communications Media & Film. I've been a huge fan of all the genres of music for years and would love to introduce Kean to the Worlds Of House!


I'm Riv and I am a sophomore majoring in Theatre at Kean University. I love Greek Mythology, tea, and a nice impulsive hair change. I overuses the word "Sick" and can just barely pull off the Russian dance trick thing from Rasputin. I am accompanied by the fabulous Tori to present to you "A Podcast Without A Porpoise"-the podcast that's only purpose is to amuse the creators with a meaningless porpoise pun.

Tori Hiotakis

My name is Tori Hiotakis is studying to be a BFA theatre performance major with a dance minor. I enjoy song writing, chocolate chip cookies, and spontaneous adventures! I have no experience podcasting but is in fact a world class talker. I am accompanied by the marvelous Riv to bring you this podcast "Without a Porpoise". The dynamic duo decided to create this masterpiece so their friends would no longer be the only ones forced to listen to their incoherent banter.

Andrew Cangiano

Hello reader, my name is Andrew Cangiano I'm an architecture major here at Kean university. Besides being a student I am also a part time hippie, skiing across the US in the 2001 ford e350 van I built out with my friends. I was born in the 21st century so of course I still enjoy video games and I'm a bit of a die hard anime fan. On my show Music for Those Who Will Listen, I will be bringing you music new and old from bands you probably have never heard of coupled by my banter and stories.

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